Wrestling Committee Meeting Minutes 9/21/15


September 21, 2015

Present:  Dave Nowakowski, Steve Merlino, Brian Manzi, Pat Risley, Ernest Goodwin, David Green, Bob Swan, Roy Wentworth, Ricky Shook, Ross Sward.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Steve Merlino at 3:30 p.m.

The 2015 tournament was reviewed.  There was discussion on the cost at Haddam-Killingworth as well as other costs related to the operation of the 2015 tournament.  There was a considerable variance of costs among the four sites of the divisional championships.  Security costs at two of the sites were considerable.  The committee agreed that it would be a good idea to set an amount that can be spent on the tournaments by the host school.  Sites that went over the amount established for each site would bear the responsibility for the overage.  It was agreed that host site concession sales are considerable and that it is advantageous for a school to host a wrestling divisional championship.  A motion by Roy Wentworth and seconded by Pat Risley – “Each divisional championship host site should have allocated $4,200.00 to operate the championship event.”  Motion passed.

Steve Merlino presented information on the computer program to be used at both the divisional championships and the open championship.  Steve, David Nowakowski, Matt Fischer and Bob Lehr met with a representative from Kap Wrestling, the company that will provide the computer program to be used at the 2016 CIAC wrestling championships.  Kaplan is working with Paul DeFosse to supply two clocks for each divisional site as well as eight for the open championship.

There was further discussion on wrestling coaches reporting scores after a meet concludes.  Although there was no formal action on the score reporting, Steve Merlino did offer that coaches will be required to report scores within a reasonable time (to be established) after an event concludes.  It was also suggested that Matt Fischer be approached about developing a program that coaches could use to report the scores.

There will be a meeting scheduled for early January for all computer operators of our championship events.  At that meeting, either Desmond Kaplan or an associate will provide the computer operators with a session on the operation of the Kap system.  Wrestling committee members will be invited to attend that session.

Brian Manzi raised a concern about a point of emphasis in the 2015-16 wrestling rules book.  He stated that if wrestling officials are expected to do skin checks, they should be paid an additional fee for that service.  No action was taken on Brian’s concern.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

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