CIAC Board of Control Minutes – 9/24/15

ciacnewBoard of Control Minutes – 9/24/15

Present: Margaret Williamson, Karissa Niehoff, Steve Wysowski, Paul Newton, Dan Sullivan, Joe Monroe, Lee Panagoulias, Marc Ambruso, Joe Canzanella, Barbara Hedden, Charles Sharos, Robert Cecchini, Joe Tonelli, Robert Lehr, Matt Fischer, Joel Cookson, Brian Mignault, Trish Witkin, Fred Balsamo, Dan Scavone, Paul Hoey, Beth Smith, Suzanne Koroshetz


1.1   Review and Approval – CIAC Board of Control Minutes – August 27, 2015 – The Board reviewed the minutes from the August 27, 2015 Board of Control meeting.

1.2   Treasurer’s Report – Board reviewed the Treasurer’s report. Motion to approve the 8/27/15 minutes, and the treasurer’s report as part of consent agenda – B. Smith / L. Panagoulias – Approved.

1.3   Proposal To Fill The Brackets In Boys & Girls Basketball & Baseball – The Board considered a proposal from the boys and girls basketball and baseball committees to fill the tournament brackets to a full 32 teams in those sports by permitting tournament participation for teams with a winning percentage of less than 40%. The proposal is to implement the change for a two-year trial. A similar proposal has been successful in boys ice hockey and the committees believe there is a benefit to allowing more teams to qualify for the postseason and to eliminate byes, which alters the competitiveness of the tournament. There was a question as to whether approval might lead to other sports making a similar request. There are some sports still using a 16-team tournament format, but for others using 32-team brackets it is possible they may pursue the option of filling the brackets. Motion to approve the proposals from the basketball and baseball committees to fill the brackets to 32 – D. Sullivan / B. Smith – Approved.


2.1   Steve Wysowski discussed the need to address streamlining the CIAC Handbook. He presented November 19 as a day with no CIAC Board meeting where committee meetings could be held at the CAS Offices to address the issue. There were several suggestions mentioned including creating separate documents, putting more information available online only, and working to eliminate redundant information. The group will work on the issue on November 19.

2.2   Steve Wysowski put forward the idea that a policy on drone use at CIAC tournament events could also be addressed at the November 19 meeting. There are several issues and challenges in regard to drones and policy, including safety, and management of any potential policy.

2.3   Steve Wysowski updated the Board on issues schools are having with compliance on some of the new policies on contact and counting quarters that were previously approved for football.  He wanted to make the Board members aware of the concerns that were coming from schools which were making an effort to do the right thing in terms of following the protocols but were struggling to do so.  He suggested the Board should continue to monitor the situation and be prepared to consider alternatives if the consequences of the changes result in real hardship for the membership.

2.4   Karissa Niehoff and Steve Wysowski updated the Board on a plan to try and establish a bidding process for schools/venues to host certain CIAC individual championship events. The tentative plan is to receive bids for one championship – most likely the multi-day wresting State Open – and, if successful, look to expand the process for other events. The group discussed the challenge of finding appropriate venues at a reasonable cost in Connecticut where interest has been limited. The hope is to create some genuine competition for the right to host larger CIAC championship events.


3.1   Unified Sports –

3.2   CAS –

3.3   CAPSS –

3.4   CABE –

3.5   Sports Medicine –

3.6   CATA –

3.7   CAAD – Dan Scavone reported that the CAAD Board approved the organization’s 5-year strategic plan, which included an emphasis on working to establish agreed upon sportsmanship standards for behavior that could be adopted by all member schools. He reported that there are twenty-four new ADs in the state this year and that with the new law requiring stricter standards for ADs that there was progress in terms of AD retention.

3.8   CHSCA – Barbara Hedden reported that the 2015 Hall of Fame class honored will be honored at the Conn vs. Navy football game on September 26 , and the ceremony honoring the inductees will be November 19. The group includes many contributors to CAS-CIAC , including former Executive Director Michael Savage.

3.9   Officials – Joe Tonelli reported that the online national federation meetings for rule interpreters this week were taking place this week and that Connecticut representatives were taking part. The interpreters would then share the information with their members, and this process has been very effective to insure officials have the most up-to-date information.


4.1   Eligibility Committee – Beth Smith reported the Eligibility Committee heard eight cases. They denied four, approved one, and tabled three.

4.2   Eligibility Review Board – Beth Smith reported the the Eligibility Review Board heard two cases. They denied one, and approved one.


5.1   Paul Newton mentioned the idea of adding student representation and public representation on Board of Control, and suggested the Board members begin thinking about whether they would be in favor of that and how it might work to select the representatives.

5.2   Dan Sullivan suggested the Board might consider discussing the challenges that arise with schools eliminating sub-varsity programs or adding new forms of sub-varsity programs. It is an issue his district is tackling and he thought there might be cause to look at it as a topic for the Board.


6.1   Matt Fischer / Joel Cookson – No report

6.2   Robert Lehr – Robert Lehr reported that he is working on being proactive in trying to help schools address skin disease issues in the sport of wrestling. He noted that by the time the issues surface during the season it’s too late to really solve it so he is communicating with schools to insure proper care is being taken before the season. He also noted there will be a singles bowling tournament in the winter.

6.3   Joe Tonelli –Joe Tonelli reported the CIAC staff are currently receiving many questions about transfers.  He also said the officials in the state are very aware of incident that took place in Texas where two football players attacked an official, and they are working to reassure the officials in the state.

6.4   Stephanie Ford –  No report

6.5   Paul Hoey – Paul Hoey reported the Connecticut section PGA  had submitted a formal request to the Boys and Girls Golf Committee to move the boys golf season to the fall and keep the girls season in the spring. The Committee is looking at the request and is trying to study and answer as many questions as possible before it makes a decision and bring a proposal to the Board.

6.6   Steve Wysowski – Steve Wysowski reported that the first CAS-CIAC Hall of Honor ceremony will be taking place October 17 and Board members should let him know if they planned to attend and he would handle getting them tickets.

6.7   Karissa Niehoff – Karissa Niehoff reported that Unified Sports Assistant Director had been recognized for his accomplishments with the gym at Amity Regional High School being named in his honor. She discussed a report the Board had in its possession regarding the legislative session which contained information on several possible pieces of legislation that might impact schools.  These included a bill from the healthy food alliance that could cause real problems for member schools. She is also on a committee that is examining graduation requirements that would allow for students to use competition in interscholastic athletics for credit in place of physical education. She also informed the Board the NFHS Section 1 meeting is upcoming and on the agenda is an effort from the NFHS to place greater emphasis on promoting education-based athletics.

NOTE: Next Meeting of the Board – October 29, 2015 – 2 p.m.

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