CAS-CIAC 2015-16 Battle of the Fans Winner

CAS-CIAC 2015-16 Battle of the Fans Winner

2015-16 CAS-CIAC Battle of the Fans Winner
Congratulations to Cheshire High School

Thank you to all the schools that submitted entries for year two of the CAS-CIAC Battle of the Fans.  We hope this event will continue to grow and foster the sort of sportsmanship, fan behavior, student leadership and student participation that will make schools, parents, athletes and CAS-CIAC proud, and the participation from our member schools in the first two years has been stellar.

The Cheshire Story

The word that come up over and over when you take a deep look at the Cheshire student section and the students that inhabit Ram Land is “community.” It’s a community of students that bring passion, energy, creativity and support to each sporting event, and it’s a community where are all welcome to join. All that’s required is a willingness to be loud and positive in support of the Cheshire Rams. It was that community, and its energy that inspired freshman Mike Lewis to try and tell that story in the school’s Battle of the Fans submission. The presentation illustrated the passion of that community and its efforts on behalf of the home team.

It’s obvious in talking with some of the students and staff at the high school that the good feeling generated within the confined of Ram Land carries over to the rest of the school and (there’s that word again) the community around it. The fans bring the enthusiasm and the passion, and represent the school in a positive way, and making an effort to make everyone welcome.

It’s the sort of symbiotic relationship that schools and administrators dream about. The fans represent the school and the support the student-athletes with passion, creativity, positivity and great energy. That feeling carries into the rest of the school and town, creating an atmosphere of positivity and support that manifests itself in a positive school climate. Put all together, it’s a resume worthy of being the winners of the 2015-16 CAS-CIAC Battle of the Fans.

Here is Cheshire’s submission video that helped earn them the Battle of the Fans title.

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