Boys & Girls Indoor Track & Field Committee Minutes 3/8/16

March 8, 2016

Members present: Bill Baron, Brian Collins, Rich Kosta, Betty Remigino-Knapp, Brian LaFontaine, Laddie Lawrence, Kurt Ogren, Tammy Schondelmayer, Doug Sharples, Dave Tetlow, Donn Friedman, Steve Wysowski and Joe Tonelli. Tom Haley and Bob Davis also attended as invited guests.

1. Meeting called to order by Steve Wysowski at 3:35 p.m.

2. On a motion by Betty Remigino-Knapp, the minutes of September 3, 2015 were approved.

3. Correspondence: Steve mentioned that he received an email that stated that the current policy of relay entries favored the larger schools. The committee disagreed since the policy simply provides added flexibility for all schools, large, medium or small.

4. Review of State Meets – Aside from the one issue regarding the violations that occurred with three event limit the meets went very well. The weather cooperated which helped attendance.

5. Logistical Considerations – i.e. Coaching Box for High Jump (Bob Davis) – Creating a coaching box for the long jump was discussed. However the coaches were in agreement that it was not necessary to add a coaches’ box at this time.

6. Concerns Relative to Meet Flow – The group agreed that things went smoothly, and the lines to confirm the entries could be eliminated in the future. Meet Director Emeritus Bill Baron pointed out that we were overly concerned about being sure that everyone understood the entry procedures, when in hindsight, we should have further emphasized that the three event rule carried over from the class meets through the open, which has always been the case. It was suggested that the language that is contained in the outdoor packet is very clear and should be used for the indoor packet in the future. It was also suggested that the LL standards be looked at in events where there seemed to be an abundance of competitors. Steve Wysowski did an analysis of all events and prepared a chart that should provide some insight in making final decisions when we set standards in the fall for the 2016-17 packet.

7. Alternates and Relay Declarations – The system worked well, but because there are no electronic checks and balances that would flag athletes that were in violation of the three event limit, some members suggested that relay entries be done online as in the past. They wondered if the relays can be a separate section on the entry form. Steve will discuss this further with Matt Fischer and Jeremy.

8. Officials – Things went pretty well considering that this was a transition year. The shirts helped identify the officials and looked good. With all new ventures, there were some growing pains, but with communication between the assignor and meet directors, this process will continue to improve and should serve us well moving forward. It was suggested that it would be beneficial to use the same clerk for all meets. Also, to increase the pool of officials, we should reach out to individuals that have worked numerous CIAC meets, college athletes and other interested prospects, to offer them additional opportunities to obtain certification. Thanks to Yvonne, Barbara, Steve and others for running rules clinics and training sessions and helping with the certification process for NFHS meets.

9. Other Concerns – Coaches that intentionally don’t scratch create unnecessary challenges in setting up heats.

10. Financial Report Preview – All of the data is not available to provide a complete financial report, but we do know that our income was increased as a result of gate income. The $2 increase in the adult tickets helped our cause and made it easier for the ticket sellers. We also discussed a $2 increase for 2016-17 for the per athlete fee raising it to $10 per athlete and increasing the maximum fee from $250 to $300. What we decide will be reflected in the packet.

11. Preliminary Review of 2016-17 Packet – Steve Wysowski noted some of the date changes and other revisions. The 2016-17 packet will be finalized at the fall meeting.

12. New Business – Confirmed by unanimous consent the dates for 2016-17 fall and spring meetings – Thursday, September 9, 2016 and Tuesday, March 7, 2017.

13. Other Business – Rich Kosta brought up the season limitations concerns and asked when changes would be considered. It was reiterated that the current calendar was approved by the CIAC Board as a two (2) year trial which runs through the 2016-17 season.

14. Adjournment – With no further business the meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

The next meeting of the committee is scheduled for Thursday, September 9, 2016 at 3:30 p.m. The post season meeting is Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 3:30 p.m.

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