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Whom To Contact
  • Eligibility Questions: Gregg Simon  (gsimonatcasciacdotorg)  , Dan Scavone  (dscavoneatcasciacdotorg)  , Joe Velardi  (jvelardiatcasciacdotorg)  
    Note: Parents and students with eligibility questions should go through the athletic department at their school. If necessary your school administration can contact the CIAC.
  • Tournament Regulations: Gregg Simon  (gsimonatcasciacdotorg)  , Dan Scavone  (dscavoneatcasciacdotorg)  , Joe Velardi  (jvelardiatcasciacdotorg)  
  • Tournament Forms, Deadlines: Matt Fischer  (mfischeratcasciacdotorg)  , Judy Sylvester  (jsylvesteratcasciacdotorg)  
  • CIAC Handbook: Gregg Simon  (gsimonatcasciacdotorg)  , Joe Tonelli  (jtonelliatcasciacdotorg)  , Joe Velardi  (jvelardiatcasciacdotorg)  
  • Financial Matters: Cheryl Novicelli  (cnovicelliatcasciacdotorg)  , Glenn Lungarini  (glungariniatcasciacdotorg)  
  • Tickets: Jadwiga Hermann-Brown  (jbrownatcasciacdotorg)  
  • Rulebooks: Jadwiga Hermann-Brown  (jbrownatcasciacdotorg)  
  • Unified Sports: Robert Hale  (rhaleatcasciacdotorg)  , Paul Mengold  (pmengoldatcasciacdotorg)  , Henry Rondon  (hrondonatcasciacdotorg)  , Karol Brozowski  (kbrozowskiatcasciacdotorg)  , Barb Horn  (bhornatcasciacdotorg)  
  • CIAC Officials’ Association: Dan Scavone  (dscavoneatcasciacdotorg)  
  • Coaches Certification & Recertification: Fred Balsamo  (fbalsamoatcasciacdotorg)  
  • Athletic Program Evaluation: Robert Lehr  (rlehratcasciacdotorg)  
  • Website: Matt Fischer  (mfischeratcasciacdotorg)  
  • Marketing and Corporate Sponsorships: Mary Lee Weber  (mweberatcasciacdotorg)  
  • Media: John Holt  (jholtatcasciacdotorg)  ,
CIAC Staff Sports/Committee Responsibilities
Glenn Lungarini  (glungariniatcasciacdotorg)  

  • Transgender Questions

Gregg Simon  (gsimonatcasciacdotorg)  

  • Football
  • Officials Committee
  • Eligibility Review Board
  • Liaison to CIAC Board of Control
  • New A.D. Workshop
  • CIAC Hearings
  • Scholar-Athlete Banquet
  • Hall of Honor
  • Transfer Notifications
  • B/G Basketball
  • B/G Soccer
  • B/G Tennis
  • Cooperative Team
  • Sports Medicine

Dan Scavone  (dscavoneatcasciacdotorg)  

  • Field Hockey
  • B/G Lacrosse
  • Wrestling
  • Seasons Limitations
  • CIAC Officials Association Advisory Board

Joe Velardi  (jvelardiatcasciacdotorg)  

  • Gymnastics
  • Softball
  • B/G Swimming
  • B/G Volleyball
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Sportsmanship

Henry Rondon  (hrondonatcasciacdotorg)  

  • B/G Cross Country
  • B/G Indoor Track & Field
  • Baseball
  • Ice Hockey
  • B/G Outdoor Track & Field
The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference is a private, not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization. Founded in 1921 following a proliferation of unregulated high school athletic activities, the CIAC was established to mitigate the unsafe and abusive practices that were prevalent in high school sports in Connecticut. The CIAC was formed by a group of high school principals who, in the absence of any other groups or organizations, stepped forward to protect the interests of student-athletes. Since its inception in 1921, the CIAC has worked to develop, maintain and enforce rules of eligibility and conduct that insure equitable athletic competition among Connecticut’s secondary schools. The CIAC serves as the sole governing body for inter-scholastic athletic activities in Connecticut.

What began as an organization of regulation, the CIAC has grown dramatically over the years. In 1953, the CIAC merged with the Connecticut Association of Secondary Schools to create a new organization with the resources to serve the needs of secondary school students in all areas of interscholastic activity. CAS-CIAC has emerged as an informed leader in Connecticut’s education system, providing services to Connecticut’s public and parochial schools in areas ranging from academics to athletics.

Membership in the CIAC is open to any public or parochial school in Connecticut which is accredited by the State Department of Education, any private school or academy which serves the community as a public school, and any private school holding associate institutional membership in the Connecticut Association of Schools (the parent organization of the CIAC). Virtually all public and parochial high schools in Connecticut are dues-paying members of the CIAC.

Each member school, through an annual Membership Agreement, agrees to abide by the Constitution of the Connecticut Association of Schools and by the CIAC By-Laws and Eligibility Rules.

The CIAC Board of Control, elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting each year, is the governing body for high school interscholastic sports in Connecticut. The Board, comprised of fourteen voting and three non-voting members, meets monthly during the school year. The broadly representative CIAC Board reflects the diversity of Connecticut’s schools, with representatives from large, medium and small schools, urban and rural schools, public and parochial schools, and technical schools. Through the Constitution and By-Laws, the CIAC Board is vested with the authority to develop, supervise, regulate and control interscholastic sports competition, including state championships, in 27 CIAC-sanctioned sports. The CIAC Board creates policies and practices which guide the work of sports committees and related groups, and regulates the eligibility of student athletes. The CIAC Eligibility Committee is responsible for interpreting the athletic eligibility code and to recommend to the Eligibility Review Board possible exceptions. The Eligibility Review Board is empowered to make exceptions to the eligibility code when, in its opinion, such exceptions are for just cause and further the objectives of the CIAC. A total of 27 CIAC sports committees, composed of principals, athletic directors, coaches, officials, and consultants direct the activities of each CIAC-sponsored sport including game rules, playing conditions, tournament policies, and sportsmanship initiatives.

CIAC policy is established and effected by the principals of the member schools. The principal of each CIAC member school is a voting delegate to the Legislative Body, which enacts all changes to the Constitution and By-Laws at the Annual Meeting. Thus school districts have direct involvement in creating policies and procedures.

Through the Constitution and By-Laws, all member schools and all student-athletes therein are guaranteed full due process rights through procedures carried out by the six-member Eligibility Committee and the thirteen-member Eligibility Review Board, which are charged with deciding matters of student eligibility. The Eligibility Committee considers all requests received from member schools for exceptions to the CIAC Eligibility Rules and recommend possible exceptions to the Eligibility Review Board for a final decision on all exceptions.

CIAC income is derived from the annual dues paid by member schools, from tournament gate receipts, and from corporate sponsorships and assistance.

Administrative Staff
Glenn Lungarini – Executive Director
Glenn Lungarini assumed the position of executive director in August of 2018 after serving nineteen years in public education as a coach, teacher, department chair, athletic director, assistant principal and principal. Glenn began his career in 1999 as a health and physical educator at Cross Street School in Naugatuck, CT, and went on to teach physical education at both Rochambeau Middle School and Pomperaug Regional High School in Southbury, CT. In 2007, Glenn was appointed assistant principal and athletic director of Oxford High School, his childhood hometown. During his five-year tenure at Oxford High School he also served as English department chair, health and physical education department chair, and facilities coordinator. In 2012, he was named principal of Seymour High School where he served for two years. In 2014, Glenn’s educational journey came full circle as he was appointed principal of Pomperaug High School.

In addition to his broad range of teaching and administrative experiences, Glenn has compiled an extensive history as both an athlete and coach. He enjoyed a stellar college career at Eastern Connecticut State University. His resume includes first baseman and number four hitter on the 1998 Division III national championship team. He was named All-ECAC, All-New England and all-conference at first base. He held the New England Division III record for chances and held the ECSU record for chances, putouts, home runs in a game and total bases. He also earned two consecutive team Gold Glove Awards at ECSU (’97 and ’98). His coaching career has included experiences with boys and girls at the middle school, high school and Division I collegiate level. He served as assistant baseball coach for the Yale Bulldogs for seven years.

Prior to assuming the position of executive director, Glenn served on a number of CAS and CIAC boards and committees, including:

  • CIAC Board of Control – Class S Representative
  • CIAC Board of Control – Class L Representative
  • CIAC Eligibility Review Board
  • CIAC Co-op Committee
  • Cheerleading Committee

Glenn received a Bachelor of Science in physical education at ECSU in 1998, a Master of Science in exercise science and physiology from SCSU in 2006, and an O92 administrative certification from Sacred Heart University in 2006.

E-Mail: glungariniatcasciacdotorg  (glungariniatcasciacdotorg)  
Telephone: 203-250-1111, ext. 3920
Gregg Simon – Associate Executive Director
Simon joined the CIAC on July 1, 2017 after a highly-successful 17-year tenure as the Director of Athletics at Newtown High School from 1999-2016. He oversaw an athletic department that sponsored every CIAC sponsored sport and included more than 80 coaches and volunteers. Newtown’s athletic department grew significantly under his leadership, including adding four new sports during the last five years of his time as well as launching and maintaining a Unified Sports program that is one of the largest in the state. The athletic program was recognized with numerous awards during his time as AD including as a Michael’s Cup Exemplary Program for the 2013-14 school year.

Along with his work at Newtown, Simon was highly involved in leadership positions both within the school and in outside organizations. He served in several leadership roles for both the Southwest Conference (SWC) and Connecticut Association of Athletic Directors (CAAD). He served on the CAAD Executive Board from 2010-2015 and had eight and 10-year stints on the SWC Athletic Executive Board and Athletic Director’s Administrative Committee respectively. He also created and chaired the Newtown High School Athletic Department Parent Advisory Committee.

His efforts on behalf of Newtown’s student-athletes earned him many professional honors throughout his career. He was awarded the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Award of Merit in 2013 and the CAAD Service Award in 2015. His work at Newtown was also recognized with the creation of the “Founders Award” which is given in his name each year to a Newtown Unified sports partner and athlete.

Simon graduated from Central Connecticut State with a degree in Social Studies and Secondary Education and earned his Master’s in Educational Leadership from Sacred Heart University. Along with his work as an athletic administrator he was a decorated coach for the Newtown girls basketball team from 1991-2004 and worked as a social studies teacher first at the St. Ambrose School in Bridgeport and then the Newtown Middle School for 13 years.

E-Mail: gsimonatcasciacdotorg  (gsimonatcasciacdotorg)  
Telephone: 203-250-1111, ext. 3912
Matthew Fischer – Director of Technology Services
Doh!!Matt Fischer joined the Central Office staff full-time in July of 2003. A former collegiate sports information director and Major League Baseball media relations director, Matt directed the media efforts for the San Francisco Giants for several years, including the 1989 season which ended with the earthquake-interrupted Bay Bridge World Series.

From 1995-2005 Matt served as president of e-fish solutions, inc., a full service web site design and programming firm. In that capacity he designed and programmed sites for private companies, professional sports teams and government agencies. Also in that role he worked with the central office staff on the development of the original CAS-CIAC website in 1997, and has since programmed all of the site’s enhancements including the online eligibility and tournament forms center, the membership and committee databases and the legislative bill tracking system. Matt, a 2003 recipient of the CAS Appreciation Award for Excellence of Service and 2014 recipient of the CIAC Boys and Girls Basketball Dedication Award, serves as CAS-CIAC’s Director of Technology Services, webmaster and network administrator.

E-Mail: mfischeratcasciacdotorg  (mfischeratcasciacdotorg)  
Telephone: 203-250-1111, ext. 3918
Robert Hale – Director of Unified Sports®
Hale concluded a 20-year stretch as principal at Westbrook High School where he enjoyed a lengthy career as a teacher and administrator while also serving as a significant contributor to CAS. He then joined the CIAC Unified Sports staff in 2015 as the Associate Executive Director and then assumed the Executive Director position in the summer of 2019. He received the CAS Citation in 2004 and was recognized as the Connecticut High School Principal of the Year in 2006. He also served on numerous CAS-CIAC boards including a four-year stint as chairperson of the CIAC Board of Control and currently serves as chairperson of the CIAC Field Hockey Committee.

E-Mail: rhaleatcasciacdotorg  (rhaleatcasciacdotorg)  
Telephone: 203-250-1111, ext. 3932
Barb Horn – Unified Champion School Program Coordinator/Young Athlete & Elementary Coordinator
E-Mail: bhornatcasciacdotorg  (bhornatcasciacdotorg)  
Telephone: 203-250-1111, ext. 3908
Robert Lehr, Ph.D. – CIAC Executive Staff Member
Dr. Robert Lehr, long-time Coordinator of Health, Physical Education and Athletics for the Southington Public Schools, brings a wealth of talent and experience to the association. He began his career as a teacher and multi-sport coach in high schools in Pennsylvania and Maryland. His early successes led to a position as dean of students at Penn State University and later as associate athletic director at Yale University.

A decorated athletic administrator, Bob garnered numerous awards during his tenure as an athletic director in Connecticut, including the Connecticut High School Coaches Association (CHSCA) Athletic Director of the Year Award; the National High School Athletic Coaches Association Athletic Director of the Year Award; and the NIAAA State Award of Merit. Bob’s extensive background in both high school and college athletics provides a rich framework for his work as a CIAC executive staff member. Bob is overseeing six CIAC sports committees/tournaments and is assisting in the administration of the new CIAC program evaluation initiative. He is also responsible for implementing CIAC corporate sponsorship agreements.

E-Mail: rlehratcasciacdotorg  (blehratcasciacdotorg)  
Telephone: 203-250-1111, ext. 3935
Paul Mengold – Assistant Director of Unified Sports®
Paul Mengold spent the past 38 years working in the Amity Regional School District before retiring this past spring. For the past 30 years he served as the Director of Athletics for the district, overseeing a department with 85 athletic teams. He was heavily involved with the CIAC, the SCC and Special Olympics/Unified Sports, including serving as the Unified Sports basketball state games site director and as coach of the Amity High School Unified basketball team.

E-Mail: pmengoldatcasciacdotorg  (pmengoldatcasciacdotorg)  
Telephone: 203-250-1111, ext. 3931
Cheryl Novicelli – Business Manager
Cheryl Novicelli joined the CAS-CIAC staff in April, 2012 as the first Business Manager in the Association’s long history.

Cheryl came to CAS with 20 years of experience in various financial positions, including 15 years working with the unique financial issues of non-profits. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts she began her career with the firm of Tofias, Fleishman, Shapiro & Co. in Cambridge MA. Prior to joining CAS she spent 10 years as the Controller at Wallingford (CT) Country Club, where she was responsible for all aspects of the general ledger and financial presentation, preparation for the year end audit, and weekly payroll preparation and all human resource items. Before that she spent three years as the Director of Finance for the Meriden (CT) YMCA.

E-Mail: cnovicelliatcasciacdotorg  (cnovicelliatcasciacdotorg)  
Telephone: 203-250-1111, ext. 3928
Henry Rondon – Assistant Director of Unified Sports®/Student Activities
Henry Rondon joins CAS-CIAC in the summer of 2019 to serve in a variety of roles. He is working with the Unified Sports staff, serving as an assistant director in the student activities department, and will also be serving as CIAC liaison for a number of CIAC sports.

He comes to CIAC after a lengthy career as an educator and administrator at Kolbe Cathedral High School in Bridgeport. During his more than 20 years at Kolbe Cathedral he began his career as a teacher and coach, before moving to position of Athletic Director. He then became the Dean of Students at the school before finally assuming the role of Principal, a position he held beginning in 2014. During his time as Principal, he served as a representative on the CIAC Board of Control.

E-Mail: hrondonatcasciacdotorg  (hrondonatcasciacdotorg)  
Telephone: 203-250-1111, ext. 3923
Dan Scavone – CIAC Executive Staff
Dan Scavone joined the CIAC as an Executive Staff member and Director of the CIAC Officials’ Association in the summer of 2019.

He joins the CIAC after a lengthy career as an athletics administrator and official while also serving in many leadership positions. A graduate of Holy Cross High School in Waterbury and Springfield College, he began his career as a teacher and coach before getting his first athletic administration position as Woodland High School’s first Athletic Director. He would go on to serve as an AD for Danbury High School, Nonnewaug High School, and Berlin High School, and also had a tenure as the Principal at his alma mater Holy Cross. Scavone went on to serve as Commissioner of the Central Connecticut Conference for several years before coming to CIAC.

Paralleling his years in education, he also enjoyed a long career as a high school and collegiate basketball official. He officiated numerous CIAC tournament games and served as the President of IAABO Board #10 and served on the CIAC Officials Executive Board and Better Officiating Committee. He also has been involved in a variety of leadership positions with both CIAC and CAAD. He has served on the Eligibility Review Board, Boys Basketball Committee, Michael’s Cup, and Chemical Health, and in 2018 assumed a position as Boys and Girls Basketball Assistant Tournament Director.

E-Mail: dscavoneatcasciacdotorg  (dscavoneatcasciacdotorg)  
Telephone: 203-250-1111, ext. 3929
Mary Lee Weber – Director of Marketing
Mary Lee Weber joined the central office in September 2016 in a job share position in the Marketing Department. Weber previously worked at Cashman + Katz Integrated Communications as the Director of Business Development. Prior to her stint at C+K, she was the Director of Marketing for WTNH, from 1995-2012. News 8 is the ABC affiliate in the Hartford/ New Haven market. She was responsible for community outreach, cause related marketing, sales promotion and strategic partnerships. She began her career on Nantucket Island as the General Manager of the local cable television station and moved to Connecticut to work as an Account Executive for WTXX.

E-Mail: mweberatcasciacdotorg  (mweberatcasciacdotorg)  
Telephone: 203-250-1111, ext. 3922
Support Staff
  • Karol Brzozowski – Secretary for Unified Sports
    E-Mail: kbrzozowskiatcasciacdotorg  (kbrzozowskiatcasciacdotorg)  
    Telephone: 203-250-1111, ext. 3950
  • Jadwiga Herrmann-Brown – Receptionist, Secretary for CIAC Officials Association
    E-Mail: jbrownatcasciacdotorg  (jbrownatcasciacdotorg)  
    Telephone: 203-250-1111, ext. 3940
  • Judy Sylvester – Secretary for All CIAC Executive Staff and CAAD
    E-Mail: jsylvesteratcasciacdotorg  (jsylvesteratcasciacdotorg)  
    Telephone: 203-250-1111, ext. 3907
  • Anna Flores – CIAC Program Manager
    E-Mail: afloresatcasciacdotorg  (afloresatcasciacdotorg)  
    Telephone: 203-250-1111, ext. 3909
  • Erin Guarino – CIAC Program Manager
    E-Mail: eguarinoatcasciacdotorg  (eguarinoatcasciacdotorg)  
    Telephone: 203-250-1111, ext. 3906
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