Athletic Program Evaluation

The CIAC is committed to providing all available resources to its members in an effort to fulfill its mission. In that vein the organization has provided an athletic program evaluation model that illustrates an exemplary interscholastic athletics program and can be used by member institutions to evaluate their own programs.

The CIAC believes there is a greater need today than ever before in the history of interscholastic athletics to develop an educational framework which will promote the value and importance of high school athletic programs. The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference Board of Control has expressed the need to identify educational expectations for school-based athletics and believes that it is incumbent upon CIAC and its member schools to be able to successfully advance and accomplish those expectations. The goal of this initiative is to develop a set of standards for an exemplary interscholastic high school athletic program, implement those standards, and then assess and evaluate the program successes.

The CIAC evaluation also can include a hands-on visit and analysis from CIAC staff people to facilitate the process and provide a thorough look at the athletics program and where it fits in the education model. The CIAC has completed evaluations for 18 CIAC schools, and have six others pending.

Below is the CIAC’s “Standards of an Exemplary Interscholastic High School Athletic Program & Program Evaluation Model Document” (click on the “new window” icon near the top right of the document to open a printable copy in a new window).

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